Help Us Build an Innovative Medical Center Just for Women 

Free & Affordable Medical Services

to Empower and Protect Women


What makes this clinic different.

A clinic devoted to protecting and empowering women with information and professional guidance to protect themselves from STDs, dangerous abortive procedures, and drugs that may hurt their long-term fertility.

Fun, open lounge with private medical rooms.

No stuffy waiting rooms!

Women's meeting center to support education. 


Organic drink & coffee bar for guests and staff.



Services Coming Soon

Serving Women in Person and on Video Conference Nationwide

Pregnancy Testing

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STD Testing

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Abortion Informaton

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Gynecological Services

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Holistic Prenatal Care

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Pregnancy Option 


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Resource Support

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Women's Health

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Sex Education

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Medical treatment that upholds women's health, dignity and their pregnancy.


Raise $500,000 to build innovative women's medical center.


Offer free and affordable care to women in need.


Expand physical locations to major cities to serve and educate more women.

The Fempower Board

Building an Organization to Empower and Uplift Women


Jorge Fernandez


Jorge brings over 25 years of experience as a business owner and community activist.  He is the father of 3 girls and has been an active member in various nonprofit organizations empowering women and upholding the dignity of all human life. 


Priscilla Cruess


Priscilla is a certified fertility care practitioner for the Creighton Model. She also has experience as a crisis pregnancy counselor. Priscilla is passionate about educating women to understand and appreciate their fertility.  As a busy mother of five children, Priscilla understands the importance of family values and upholding the dignity of human life from the moment of conception.  


Steve Onsurez

Member & Secretary

Steve is an experienced professional in the corporate and religious education fields. Having started a business at the age of 18 and having worked for two different multi-million dollar corporations, he understands discipline, organization, and leadership and applies those skills to his everyday life as the Marketing Editor and Director of multiple programs at St. Anne’s Parish. He also devotes his time to volunteer work as a Chaplain at Porterville Developmental Center. 


Becky Fernandez


Becky understands the fears associated with an unexpected teen pregnancy. 

Her personal experience has moved her to empower young women in her community.  Once a pregnant unmarried teen, Becky has used her experience to empower

the young women in her community. She has been a youth ministry leader for 18 years and counting now, and is the proud mother of three daughters. 


Dr. Erick Madrigal

Supervising Medical Doctor

Originally from Porterville, California, Erick Madrigal, MD, MBA, returned to his hometown to establish Living Water Clinic. He completed his undergraduate studies at  Georgetown University, and went on to complete a dual MD/MBA program at UCLA. 

As the founder of Living Water Clinic, a faith-based clinic, Dr. Madrigal is honored and privileged to be part of the Board of Directors of Fempower Medical.


Debbie Prescott

Fundraising Chairperson

Debbie brings many facets of experience to the Fempower Board of Directors.  She is well versed in fundraising through years of service to St. Anne’s School, having served on the Home & School Board for 18 years. Debbie’s service to her community has been recognized by her time on the Porterville Chamber of Commerce Executive Board, recognition as 4-H Project Leader, and through the Porterville Unified School District (PUSD), where she established vital community and business partnerships. Debbie is a proud mother to five children and ten grandchildren.   


John Costanzo

Member & Launch Advisor

John is a serial entrepreneur and Founding General Partner at Arise Venture Studio.  He brings years of experience to the organization, having launched 15 businesses and 30 products into the US Market. He provides auxiliary support to the non-profit and the team and is passionate about protecting the dignity of the human person. John created the Fempower brand and assisted with the organization’s transition into a bigger national story.