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Be a Founding Donor for a Revolutionary Medical Clinic that Values Fertility and Life 

Women's Sexual Health and Pregnancy Center With Mobile Outreach

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Without guidance, chaos fills the void

Girls as young as preteens are engaging in early sexual activity, contracting STDs, becoming pregnant, and being pressured into abortion, causing long-term damage to their overall health and fertility. 

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Like you, we want to be there for them before and during the crisis.

To reassure them of their unique identity and let them know they are loved. To inspire them to make wise decisions that protect them and their children, and live a better story.


Become a founding donor of a new type of women's medical clinic. One that empowers girls and young women with education, services, and resources to make healthy decisions.  

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Tools to Keep You Fit & Fertile
(Coming Soon)

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Sex Education

STD Testing

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Gynecological Services


Planned and Unplanned 



Pregnancy Testing

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Abortion Informaton

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Pregnancy Option 


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Post Pregnancy Support

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Emotional Support

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Resource Support


The Plan for Changing & Saving Lives

Step 1

Become a founding donor to build an innovative medical clinic for young girls.

Step 2

A physical center will provide female medical services and crisis pregnancy resources. 

Step 3

Fempower will expand its center to include a call center to serve girls nationwide.

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Let's change the way we show our love and support for women in crisis. 

- Give young women the education we never had to make wiser decisions.

- Avoid missing a chance to be a founding donor of an amazing organization that saves lives and helps women in crisis.

- Give women a better option than having an abortion.

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