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Considering Motherhood

Are You Ready?

Maybe you’re already pregnant and trying to decide what to do. Or maybe you and your partner are talking about having a baby.


It is an important decision. Being a mom can be exciting or terrifying, often all at the same time. You may have the support of your partner, maybe your parents are ready to help, or maybe you are on your own. It can be overwhelming, and it may seem impossible.

You Can Be a Mother

But why consider motherhood? Whatever parenthood looks like in your life, you can give your child a beautiful life. Yes, parenting is hard. But most good things are. Parenting also is incredibly rewarding. You’ll change a lot of diapers and wipe a lot of tears, but you will laugh and love like never before.


You have what it takes. You can be a mother.

You Have Help

Many women feel they cannot afford a baby, or maybe a baby would interfere with education or work. But you have access to financial help, baby supplies, and other support to help you in your motherhood journey.

Whatever you decide, know you are not alone. We’re here for you. You can talk to a representative or schedule an appointment, anytime.

Learn what resources are available.

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